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This College Acceptance Letter Came With A VR Viewer
This is that time of the year when millions of high school seniors sprint home after school hoping to find a super thick envelope stuffed into the mailbox from the dream college that they’ve applied to, or in some cases, ANY college they’ve applied to. Read More

HTC: 100,000 Weekly Users On Viveport, Improvements Coming

HTC Vive Viveport
Read More

Watch: Forestry’s Procedural Mesh System Offers Unique VR Crafting & Destruction

Procedural mesh destruction and construction underpins Decoder VR’s first title, Forestry , which just launched on Steam. Built for Vive, Rift and PSVR, the game’s fully destructible world presents a vast forest for the player to cut to pieces, which can then be used to create new objects. Read More

Björk Reveals Music Video for ‘Notget’ VR Experience
You can now watch a 2D video version of Björk’s latest VR music experience. This isn’t Björk’s first VR rodeo, and it likely won’t be the last. The Icelandic art-pop singer released the full version of the VR music video for Notget, off of her 2015 LP, Vulnicara , after releasing a teaser for the video last November. Read More

Peter Molyneux Worries VR is Being ‘Oversold to Consumers’ Before the Industry is Ready
Few video game industry icons are as well-known as Peter Molyneux. He’s the mind behind the entire “God game” genre for the most part, having released the very first Populous all the way back in 1989 for the Amiga. Read More

PSVR system seller BATMAN: Arkham VR coming to HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift this month.
Batman: Arkham VR will be coming to both the Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE with not only Touch and Vive controller support but also full gamepad support on PC, including the PS4™ Dual Shock 4 Controller, Xbox One Controller and the Steam™ Controller. The game will be available on April 25th. Read More

Preview: Visually Dazzling VR RPG ‘The SoulKeeper VR’ Plans For a Full Story With Deep Lore
VR gamers have longed heavily for deeper titles that go beyond the surface-level experiences that make up a large portion of today’s VR content. Read More

Samsung Opening Two-Story ‘Experience Store’ In Canada

Toronto will soon be home to Samsung’s sixth and largest immersive retail store. Set to open this summer at the Toronto Eaton Centre, Samsung’s “Experience Store” will be its biggest yet featuring 21,000 square feet of mobile technology spread across two jam-packed floors. Read More

A Rancor In Cloud City: Behind VR’s Best April Fools’ Prank Yet

If you pulled on your Vive on April Fools day and booted it up, chances are you found yourself in your normal home space and didn’t think much of it. However, if you’re a bit of a Star Wars fan — enough to decorate your space after The Empire Strikes Back — then you may have been in for a shock. Read More

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