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Who we are & What We Do

What if you could walk with Robert Frost through woods on a snowy evening to understand the beauty and grace of poetry, or be a witness to history alongside George Washington as he addresses the Constitutional Convention of 1787, or shrink yourself to a millionth of your size to become a molecule and understand the miraculous nature of DNA and its life’s purpose? That ability is possible not tomorrow but today. We are creating an interactive platform to achieve this by integrating how one accesses each of the five senses with the application of virtual reality to produce a variety of genres, including entertainment, health, self-improvement and, most importantly, education. This web-based platform will become a place where students can collaborate and create in a variety of genres by using free computer graphic tools with the help of tutorials while they achieve a positive sense of achievement. It is our belief that self-directed learning can lead humanity to a higher level of knowledge. This is how we imagine the future of education.

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